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April 29, 2009

Treasure of the week 2009.04.29

by Kevin Aditya

This week’s been filled with a happier atmosphere because (almost) all the tests have been done so now there’s nothing more for me to study for, and maybe also because I’ve been listening to Lenka’s 2008 self-titled début all along. Filled with a wide range of instruments, the Australian singer brought us a good number of indie-ish pop songs with a dip of childlike atmosphere that will make your dullest day shines up a little. A good point is that her songs are layered with an orchestra of widely varied world instruments, making her music rich with eclectic folksy sounds and beats. Maybe you’ve heard her popular single “The Show” somewhere, but go listen to it yourself. If you’re interested, do some Google Blog Search.

genre: Pop/Un-folk (well, Wikipedia says it’s a genre)

sounds like: Regina Spektor, The Dresden Dolls

loved tracks: Don’t Let Me Fall, Anything I’m Not

p.s. click on the image dude

April 29, 2009

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

by Kevin Aditya

The title means Who Watches the Watchmen? I did, along with Naqib and Echy finally I’ve finished watching this long-awaited movie! Yes, WATCHMEN first came to my knowledge 2 years back after I watched V for Vendetta (which was also truly awesome) and I learnt the creator had another comic book that was being adapted into a movie and yes, that two-and-a-half hour of blood and tears is fucking epic! I’ve read the graphic novel before, although not finished, and Zack Snyder is terrific for staying true to the comic book. Every scene is a perfect rendition of a particular frame in the novel, and the details spent is truly wonderful and rich.

Set in the alternate history America year 1985, where Americans won the Vietnam War and Nixon served for the third term, Rorschach the masked vigilante is investigating the mysterious death of fellow crimefighter the Comedian. He goes on to warn the other retired masked avengers that were once grouped under the name Watchmen, only to find that time had changed the way they think and live, not knowing there is a much greater trouble that awaits…

The storytelling is tight and slick with the spice of adult-rated scene here and there, and blood-packed fights are everywhere: what more could you ask for? The main idea revolving around the whole movie is that there is no ideal situation of peace to be achieved. Comedian and Ozymandias understand this, while others like the goodhearted Nite Owl II, the fragile Silk Spectre II or the street-smart Rorschach struggle to find their own meaning as a masked hero. I personally like Rorschach best because he sticks to his words until the very end and his constantly morphing mask is a damn coooool idea. All of them, although they have high-level martial arts skill, don’t really have any superpower. Save for the blue Dr. Manhattan that is uber-godlike: having the ability to perceive all time periods simultaneously, able to teleport anywhere, zaps out enemies with almost no effort, he’s so perfectly made that  to play him in a videogame is a total cheating I guess haha 8)

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the most perfect cast in the lineup I think, he is just perfect for the cynical and apathetic Comedian appearance. And Jackie Earle Haley was damn scary as Rorschach! He portrayed the rough fingerbreaker character pretty good, especially the insanity released when his mask was taken by the police officers. Oh and not to forget Malin Akerman as Silk Spectre II who kinda resembled Zooey Deschanel in some scenes only with super straight hair 😆

This movie is exhausting, I’m warning you. Think of political themed Benjamin Button with a fast pace and full of streaming details around the progressing story. Your full attention is required from the beginning to really grasp the heavy story but luckily, the movie is very rich in color so it goes pretty on the eye. Watchmen surely goes on the top 10 list of 2009 movies, and you really really should watch it yourself!

Oh, didn’t I tell you the soundtracks were enchanting too? There are various tracks from the 60’s-80’s to keep themed with the movie like Simon & Garfunkel’s The Sounds of Silence, Bob Dylan’s The Times They Are a-Changin’ and Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. Although the kinds are not my everyday music but those songs fit the mood perfectly on most of the scenes, especially on the opening credit. Pssst click on the album cover

April 27, 2009

Gimme back my Rp 15k!

by Kevin Aditya

Okay so today I finally watched the Watchmen I’ve been waiting for a looong time, but the bad thing is, I got out from the theater before the movie was finished because the sensei was waiting for me at school for my Japanese conversation test. Fineeee it’s my fault to insist on watching even though the movie played at 12.00 and my test was at 14.30 but why should I had to leave when the movie was finally getting to the thrilling part after 2 tiring hours?? I can’t help but to go to Blok M again to watch that damn movie (again) tomorrow. 2 years of waiting is enough, damn you Warner Bros Studios, I’ll give it a review when I’ve reclaimed my lost half hour this Tuesday.

This is totally unrelated but I thought you would enjoy Copeland‘s Good Morning Fire Eater. The video’s storyline is, well, quite cliché, but it’s still lovely anyway. Good night, and good luck!

April 26, 2009

More than bliss

by Kevin Aditya

George Orwell’s critically acclaimed novel Nineteen Eighty-Four contains a slogan that’s as famous as the book itself: “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength”. Now forget about the first two socialistic remarks, the Ignorance is Strength one is what has been crisscrossing my mind for some time now.

I admit that ignoring things is one of few things I do best. This apathy is not a good quality to be present in anyone, but don’t you realize ignoring things is an easier way to be happy than caring about things? You glanced at the world outside, particularly Jakarta, and all you got is a big sad city. Homeless children begging for money in the street corners. Tons of litters ruining your pathetic environment. Unusable public facilities. Global warming.

Sorry, but I don’t put my heart into those things.

To care about what matters only to stuffs that affect my life is enough. No external unimportant thoughts burden my already-baffled mind, so then I could focus on improving my own life quality. And wait, it’s not only for the below-standard parts of your everyday world. When you see other people get things more than you could ever wished for, don’t cram those facts down your soul and let them turn into envy. Ignore them. That way you’ll feel content with your life without hurting anybody.

I’m about 50% apathetic, and I don’t let the quality dominate me. Well I’m not asking you to join the apathy way of living either, because I still believe that those social problems still need to be taken care of by anybody excluding me, but I’m just telling you that ignorance is more than bliss. It is strength!

April 24, 2009

Treasure of the week 2009.04.24

by Kevin Aditya

Finally I’ve got some free time after the toughest exam and throughout this week I’ve got this lovely album to accompany my studying-hard times. Sleepwalk, a Robot’s Love in the Time of Global Warming brings upon some lovable powerpop tunes with a sleek combination of lighthearted acoustic guitar and fancy synth. Not a really amazing album, but good to listen to when your head is full of chemistry formulas. Watch out, the songs’ infectious choruses might get stuck in your head for days! If you’re interested, do some Google Blog Search.

genre: Powerpop/Electropop

sounds like: hellogoodbye, and some more I couldn’t think of

loved tracks: Good for You, Rx

p.s. click on the image dude

April 24, 2009

Minggu (sangat) berat

by Kevin Aditya

Akhirnya, salah satu minggu tersulit dan terpanjang dalam hidup terlewati dan sekarang yak sekarang tinggal menunggu lulus tidaknya bulan Juni nanti. Kira-kira reka ulang 5 hari ke belakang:

Hari 1: bahasa indo yaa bisa lumayan, biologi soal-soalnya kayak dibuat dari buku standar papua (gak pernah nongol) tapi setidaknya pernah denger jadi semoga deh lewat. Siapa peduli gunanya jonjot usus??

Hari 2: uh kelupaan nulis yang ini. Bahasa inggrisnya rasa rasanya soal paling gampang yang pernah gw kerjain selama SMA, mana listening session nya suuuperrr lambat yang membuat gw makin meragukan manfaat listening session selain belajar sabar ngobrol sama orang imbisil. Ada iklan terselubungnya loh (“my kom pyoo tah… is soh nee… va yoo”)

Hari 3: matematika NERAKA!!! Alasan: kode soal berubah (ngerti?) dan menangislah siswa-siswi se Jaksel. Para murid mengerjakan dengan tangan gemetar sambil membayangkan ketidaklulusan semu mereka, banyak yang cuma bisa gak lebih dari 15 soal. Salah satu hari terburuk dalam 3 tahun SMA.

Hari 4: berhubung trauma yang amat sangat dengan matematika jadi belajarlah para murid dengan hipergiat buat menghadapi iblis fisika yang biasanya lebih dewa dari matematik. Tapi ternyata puji syukur soalnya jauh mending dari tryout-tryout madesu yang pernah anak-anak kerjain, kalo dibandingin sama mat macam kalah 10 level gitulah.

Hari 5: alias hari ini, tadi kimia yang sangat ditakuti dengan pasukan sejuta unsurnya juga ternyata malah lebih mending dari fisika. Semacam tinggal masukin ke rumus saja dan tadaa selesailah UAN 2009. Semangat hidup kembali, menyongsong masa depan nan indah (kalo lulus), menanti hidup SAPPK ITB… Ditambah traktiran San2 sama Daler dan kabar baik bahwa Brinji jadian sama Shabr, sepertinya ini hari yang baik buat semua orang.

Yak demikian ulasan kilat UAN 2009 kali ini, semoga semua lulus dan masa depan cerah menanti semua pelajar angkatan ’09. Sekarang main!

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