Tourism site: Wondermark

by Kevin Aditya

I’ve grown quite fond of webcomics, and when there’s too many of them were drawn stick-figures style, this one is a true gem. Every strip of David Malki’s Wondermark is a hilarious, Victorian-style piece of art that delivers the best punchlines but can be absurd at times. Take a look at my recent favorite (edit: well I can’t help myself from posting more!):

Ahh, who wouldn’t love those self-defined “illustrated jocularities”? I’ll come back later with my favorite time-killing websites!

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4 Comments to “Tourism site: Wondermark”

  1. lo tau comic strip yg ada anak kecil blonde jabrik sm boneka macannya yg jd imaginary friendnya ga?

    gw lupa judulnya deh, keren tuh vin
    super gokil bgt

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