5 books

by Kevin Aditya

ITB required me to buy these 5 textbooks, but it’s already heavier than lifting 9 or 10 of my highschool textbooks.

And oh, the subjects. This holiday is probably too long, in my sight the Calculus textbook seems to be written in Spanish. Oh wait, seems now I could even read Spanish better than numbers.

But it feels somewhat exciting at the same time. A right moment to start anew, to forget bad memories of the past. This must become a new life, and ágætis byrjun, an alright start!


11 Comments to “5 books”

  1. hahaha, yang lo beli edisi baru semua kev?

  2. sok keren lo bahasa spanyol sok asik (bete gue ngiri)

  3. wah belajarnya gituan ya? gue blm dapet nih buku2 jadi penasaran

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