Words; #2

by Kevin Aditya

Photo by Briliansy, I only retouched it and added text… and hey it’s on icanread!

Most of the times I’m this skeptic, apathetic person that visions life based on facts and reason, relies not on the taste and beauty but rather on the more logical science and statistics. What I need is not opinion but a concrete solution for those daily problems. But one thing I began to notice is that on happier times lately, like these holidays when pace of life goes calming and the need to hurry vanishes, the old romanticism in me blooms back inside:

The need to slow activities down, to be more attentive to our everyday little details, to take a seat and feel the flow of life around us. Killing time reading magazines, watching crappy romantic flicks, walking around the city with fellas and saying hello to the stray dog on the road… life ain’t grand, but the joy is all around us.


9 Comments to “Words; #2”

  1. little details kill me. little details cheer me.

  2. i looked above.
    saw the moon again for the first time after months.
    was like seeing your high school crush.


  3. watching crappy romantic flicks? seriously? ahaha.. hmm I heart little details. I curse little details.

  4. The words and the picture are just as strong as Katrina typhoon.

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