Days roll at irregular pace

by Kevin Aditya

Dilla & Ahtar and no, they're not a couple.

What I still haven’t found three months after moving to this town is stability. My basic principle for life so far is to “view everything as neither right nor wrong”, and when those words helped me at times to stay neutral at morality problems, in some other ways it also sent me lost in the flow of a busy undergrad student’s life. I can’t seem to find a learning style that fit, not yet. My priorities are scrambled up, my ability to focus falls low under the normal line, my long-lost empathy for loving and giving… stays lost. And my room is always a huge space of mess I can’t help tidying up, literally.

All I have to hold on to is myself.

My life is an arrhythmia
for now.


10 Comments to “Days roll at irregular pace”

  1. Yeah. Agree at ALL.
    Then if you told this to the senior, they would say, “TPB itu masa paling enak tahuuuu. Tapi emang sih, kalo belum ngerasain OsJuR ya sama aja belum jadi anak ITEBEEE”



  2. i can tell your stability is currently still unstable. same as mine. i think that’s a year-one college student’s feeling. most of them feel the same.. dont you think? haha

    in fact, the more you have problems of being “a figure of self”, the more you can understand what life really means.

  3. guess most of tpb kids feel the same kev, or it’s just me saying ‘ah me toooo’ :p like your new header btw!

  4. you know what, I moved last year, and I still can’t fit in. I guess you still can manage it; better than me

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