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June 13, 2010

To plan a city

by Kevin Aditya

When there’s a will, there’s a way.

I’d like to think it also works vice versa. When there’s a way, there’s a will. With me not being able to major in architecture, I choose not to see it as something I failed to accomplish. Neither it is a thing like people usually say as they try to relieve me “Hey, if you didn’t get the major, maybe it’s just not destined to be your path to tread upon.” This is not a failure. Neither it is a misplaced piece of my destiny. This is the final result after a year’s series of trying my best to grasp the importance of basic science. A reaction of all my freshmen year actions. And from now on, I shall do my best to immerse myself into the art of figuratively building a city.

Kevin Aditya Prathama, an ITB undergraduate, now majoring in urban and regional planning.

June 4, 2010


by Kevin Aditya

Today is another picturesque of your skin,
A slight appeal to yesterday gone thin.
Tonight is a glaring pirouette with more spin,
Destined to refine the soul of what you have been.

Tally not, o the virtual fear that you sum,
For the path you tread is true conundrum.
Adorning the sunshine under the echoing hum
Will aptly help you flourish through what may come.

Smiles come and go like a parting dove,
Leaving you pondering “What is love?”

Through the restless days you abruptly lived,
Questioning is a habit: “What have I achieved?”

And so those reflections pile on your shoulder,
Day by day ’till you could name it a boulder.
Ever so heavy, toppled up with your wondering cry,
The final tangling enigma of
“What am I?”

A lifetime of searching is feasible, but fear not,
Blunders do happen, with the significance of an ink blot.
Answers you seek will never thoroughly shade,
Because the diamond of life is found

In the journey you made.

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