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September 30, 2010

Liminal haunting

by Kevin Aditya

Absolute is time where people and
the hair they are twirling are a
chronic motion, with every dark
awaiting sunrise to uncover again
new pages of impermanence.

Dreary soul of a man, crumbling
beneath each muse unraveled
through apertures he withholds
to never shutter, of which his
words lie in a reverie ghost:

“Dally in yore, candied joy,
for the seeds of tender age
have flourished into one,
solitary tree where previous
mine disperse into solid
roots and you are none
but mirth nettling inside,

ever so austere.”

September 9, 2010


by Kevin Aditya

At times, studying in ITB leaves you hardly any room left for your soul to breathe some fresh mood, as the atmosphere is contesting and the people are very determined. One assignment after another, student unit activities, and plenty of seminars and workshops for those thirsting for self-improvement. Even on semester breaks, events and classes are still rolling to no tomorrow.

But still, Indonesian as we are, even the campus still gives us 2 weeks break for the holy Idul Fitri. The celebrated moment all around Nusantara not only by Ganesha residents but also by every Indonesian there is all over the archipelago. To visit the land of our ancestors, to share some laugh with the grandparents hundreds of miles away from Bandung, to return to our mom and dad in Pekanbaru, Bukittinggi, Palu, Bontang, Surabaya, Makassar, wherever our family is. To go back home.

Being home with our loved ones serves as a little reminder in the stream of time that however engrossed we are, there are our parents and siblings back home waiting and supporting our every notion. A little place that stay unchanged after everything we’ve been through in Bandung. A little Arcadian sanctuary of the soul.

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