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December 19, 2010


by Kevin Aditya

In ITB, where I’ve met people from all over the country with various backgrounds, hometowns, characters, and (mostly high) intelligence, one sort of variation that I still cannot fully comprehend is motivation. Upon observation, there are two kinds of people whose motives for struggling to be admitted into ITB in the first place (and continue struggling for the upcoming years) are polar in its entirety:

1. The ones who base their daily dose of studying and working on shitload of assignments upon hopes of securing a good job with a steadily growing income for years as soon as they graduate.

2. The ones who base their daily dose of studying and working on shitload of assignments upon their own desire to enrich their expertise on the major they are so fondly passionate about; or to put it simply, passion.

As I try to not see the world in plain black and white, I don’t put either one as better to another, and both motives have good moral and personal reasoning when you ask people around. Earning a good monthly sum of money is crucial to survive — literally and figuratively — in this modern world, but without a passion to do it you’ll end up a working class zombie. No, that’s what one would say viewing it as black and white, but the shades of gray of it is called compromising with your idealism. Justifying that your passion can be done as a hobby or a side job doesn’t always turn up wrong, and neither is pursuing only what you like without thinking twice about your future. Everything has its own good and bad measures, and finding the middle ground is what settles some people into what they are majoring now. Studying urban planning gives me good insight on how people can find that middle ground in the right place — a noble passion to make cities and rural areas better for everyone, with the still-intact hopes to work at good firms or government divisions. And while obviously not everyone would end up working in the fields they are majoring in, there would be some that devote their career to the subject despite not earning enough to afford huge houses or luxury cars. Different goals will lead  to different paths taken.


Of course, it's never as easy as it sounds.


Care enough to elaborate your opinions on this rambling, dear reader?

December 4, 2010

Sleeping soundly

by Kevin Aditya

There are times when you just can’t sleep, no matter how grueling your day was. Your eyes are closed but your mind is running a series of imagery of things you have to do as soon as you wake up — that is, if you can finally drown your head in deep sleep. I used to have it at times when schedules are running tight with tons of things to do (or vice versa, when I have infinitely nothing to do so I kinda refuse to sleep). But there’s always music to soothe the nerves. Some albums are just made to lull people to the alpha waves, and I do have my own selection too, that lately worked so well they send me sleeping in the middle of my doing the shitload of assignments… and I’d share the list so you can once again find some comfort.

Lullaby for the Working Class // Blanket Warm (1996)

What did you expect from a band with Lullaby in its name that created an album titled Blanket Warm? This Nebraska folk rock outfit were active from mid- to late-90’s, and Ted Stevens of Cursive fame in vocal might send you leaving the album due to his rough, wailing voice that at times seems to slip the rhythm, but overall the variety of slow guitars, ukulele and violin used creates more than an endearingly soft album.

Chick Corea // Now He Sings, Now He Sobs (1968)

Sitting among the most acclaimed jazz artist all the time, he was influential in expanding the electric fusion movement and jazz itself through his lifelong career. Yet I feel ashamed since what I could get most from his second album is as a melodic pillow to my ears, leaving behind most of his intricate plays on piano playing in my dreams. Well, any piano jazz would do.

Real Estate // Self-titled (2009)

There’s little to not love about this album, since nothing helps you to sleep like an auditory picturesque of an idyllic sunny day at a tropical beach the instant you play the first track, “Beach Comber”. This surf pop group should redefine the genre as sleep-like-a-log pop, with the exception of Surfer Blood…

The Silent League // But You’ve Always Been the Caretaker (2010)

The Brooklyn-based act might still be largely unheard of, but the Silent League has proven Justin Russo’s (of Mercury Rev fame) extravagant skill in crafting beautiful chamber/orchestral pop ballads with a multitude of instruments — while still calming enough as a bedtime lullaby. Not to mention the powerful cover of Electric Light Orchestra’s “Yours Truly, 2095”.

Letting Up Despite Great Faults // Movement (2006)

Ah, I know I’ve been bitching about the awesomeness of this band quite a lot lately, but while their glowing self-titled début remains one of my favorite albums ever, their first work titled Movement (EP) is my newfound lovechild of juvenile, adorable dream pop/electronica and a cushy pillow beneath blankets. The no-nonsense sleeper first track “Disasters Are Okay” bags drowsiness into my eyes even as I type. As the rest of the album stand strong on being musically lush, LUDGF keeps on pinning love in every of their fans’ heart.

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