Ode to the ardent and bemused

by Kevin Aditya

Drowse as you may, bewildering dreams,
Jingling your path through the hollow mind
Ever so slowly, invisible along the seams,
Preventing another night to silently unwind
Only with a slight affect and heavy caress
Retouching the concept of what might be vile
Will the fancies ever come to resound,
Exalting thoughts with a just address
But I restrain in place, keeping them bile
While the whole world is there to astound.

Red in the walls was the fervent color
To recall the pavements, of rushing heartbeats
The urge of seeking sang loud by the cantor
Drifting bodies to the edge of seats,
Hounded by the wavy outlining the hair
An ardor I found, bleached in radiance
Of wandering worn laces I continue to keep;
Connoting a soul to take steps off the lair
And embrace, the persona of a mighty vigilance
While the cosmos lulls humanity to sleep.


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