Moving out

by Kevin Aditya

Good morning, folks. From now on I will be posting everything that can be posted from a new url:, which is essentially the same ol’ blog with a new layout and all the freedom that a self-hosted site could offer. I bought the domain as some sort of self-birthday present, because 21 seems like a good age to start having a site with, ahem, your own name. Why don’t I just redirect this blog to the new url, you say? Well, certainly have the option, but it comes with a certain fee. Come on WordPress, why do I have to pay for a little site redirect that I have to renew every year? Not that I hate WordPress, though, since the new site is using the same platform as this blog. I’m not an expert in web design or even HTML and CSS, but I am more than willing to learn, so hopefully as time goes the site will be getting prettier.

Monoplane is landing and kevinaditya is taking off, so don’t miss the flight!





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