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July 4, 2009

Reinventing life

by Kevin Aditya

Hellooo there if anyone is reading this, it’s been some time (like 17 days) since I last posted, whoa that’s my longest interval yet. In these two weeks my life had been starting to roll to the next phase, the college life. My graduation day was on June 21st and yeah I got 5.5 in math but hey, three 9s out of six subjects is not bad. And that means I am no longer a high school student. So long the days of wearing uniform and idling aimlessly in classes with absent teacher, I’ll miss them but life must goes on.

Thats Arini beside me.

That's Arini beside me.

Then, June 25th was the prom night and my prom “date” was Echy. Everything was, um, decent but at the end of the night Sheila on 7 performed live specially for us! Riiight, it’s that SO7 with their classics like “Sahabat Sejati” and “Jadikanlah Aku Pacarmu” that we all remember and love throughout our childhood. Singing along is a rule here, or maybe you’re not Indonesian. Photos (and fan-subjective review) can be found on my friend Ansy’s blog here. Kudos to the prom committee! Oh, and the morning after the news was all about MJ’s death, so long Jacko, you will be missed.

How could you resist not to sing and jump around, even in your prom suit?

How could you resist not to sing and jump around, even in your prom suit?

And on July 1st I had to return some forms to ITB at the Sasana Budaya Ganesa. The rules are strict, be there before 8.30 am or you’re not gonna wear the blue jacket this year. It’s exciting getting to know the fellow SAPPK students, although I didn’t get to know many yet since there’s too many new forms to take and fill. I spent four more days in Bandung, and one thing I learnt is that people there drive like old donkeys, too friggin laid back and not eager to take the fastest lane to go around. Or is it because Jakarta is a driving hell? I also found some good secondhand books at Palasari like Dante’s Inferno and Rachel Field’s Calico Bush but most importantly I got a Spanish-English dictionary complete with introductory grammar lesson chapters for just Rp 140k! Oh and, I didn’t post these past days because I have some serious love problem and my mood is all wrecked up. But, whatever, if it can’t be helped I’m gonna start a new life anyway. I’ll post some music reviews when it’s all solved, adiós!

p.s. I know Twitter is the most useless service on the web but I made one anyway. Followers are welcome @kevinaditya

June 15, 2009


by Kevin Aditya

Berita bagus hari ini 15 Juni 2009 tidak lain dan tidak  bukan adalah, apalagi kalo bukan pengumuman kelulusan SMA Labschool Kebayoran dimana murid-muridnya 100% LULUS!! Muka-muka bahagia bertebaran, siswa-siswi jenius menikmati nilai seratus dan yang di ambang garis kepintaran (macam gue) menikmati tulisan “lulus”nya juga lega bukan main. Ahh, gak ada yang ngalahin rasa leganya buat saat ini, akhirnya bebas dari ujian dan tes masuk segala macem dan nikmatin liburan sepenuhnya. Oh, apa situ bilang, mau tau nilainya berapa aja? PEDULI SETAN YANG PENTING GUA LULUS muahahahaha. Nanti gue scan kalo udah agak niat, kalo Manohara udah kurusan, kalo cewek-cewek udah gak ngeributin Boys Before Flowers lagi — gak mungkin. Yaa, ITB emang bukan kuliah wah di luar negri, tapi udah bisa hidup di luar Jakarta juga bolehlah dianggap satu langkah maju. (mengingatkan diri untuk sedikit berbahagia.) 🙄

Hidup jangan lihat ke atas terus, nanti leher kamu patah.

— Kata-kata bokap yang dicoba untuk diresapi

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May 14, 2009

Last of high school days

by Kevin Aditya

Today, May 14, I went to school as usual to take the computer exam where you have to type Excel documents and PowerPoint/Word/Photoshop piece-of-cake. My class didn’t take too long, then the boys played soccer as usual (we’re all really soccer freaks) then around half of my class went full spirited karaoke-ing. Uput and Nadhira sang like pigeons on crack but so do I, haha and after like 2 hours I went back home, still a bit tired from previous day’s wet trip to Waterbom. What is different about today is that this might be the last day I ever wear those gray pants and white/batik uniforms.

Starting tomorrow, there won’t be any tasks or exams piling on my back anymore, thankfully not even those university entrance tests, not anymore. Of course there’s still the UAN announcement next month, which actually should be the top thing to worry about, but let’s move it aside for now.

The last three years I spent at Labschool Kebayoran High is probably not the very best times a highschooler could get, but still those were such fine years I’ve been through. Even within the school activities itself, because to study in Labsky means you’ll have to prepare for loads of school events that will tire your ass off. TO, HOTT, Skybattle, study tours, and of course the Sky Avenue 2008, where I led the design team and it was quite a success, and it’s the first time I ever felt like really achieving something. When it comes to friends, it goes naturally for me to try to get to know everyone, and the guys in my school year are really a bunch of friendly and happy-go-round kids. They help me shape my personality and the way I see the world. I think I didn’t live this high school life to the fullest, but still these are the three years I will hardly forget. Now I’ll only have to wait for June to come… hope the best for everyone!

April 27, 2009

Gimme back my Rp 15k!

by Kevin Aditya

Okay so today I finally watched the Watchmen I’ve been waiting for a looong time, but the bad thing is, I got out from the theater before the movie was finished because the sensei was waiting for me at school for my Japanese conversation test. Fineeee it’s my fault to insist on watching even though the movie played at 12.00 and my test was at 14.30 but why should I had to leave when the movie was finally getting to the thrilling part after 2 tiring hours?? I can’t help but to go to Blok M again to watch that damn movie (again) tomorrow. 2 years of waiting is enough, damn you Warner Bros Studios, I’ll give it a review when I’ve reclaimed my lost half hour this Tuesday.

This is totally unrelated but I thought you would enjoy Copeland‘s Good Morning Fire Eater. The video’s storyline is, well, quite cliché, but it’s still lovely anyway. Good night, and good luck!

April 24, 2009

Minggu (sangat) berat

by Kevin Aditya

Akhirnya, salah satu minggu tersulit dan terpanjang dalam hidup terlewati dan sekarang yak sekarang tinggal menunggu lulus tidaknya bulan Juni nanti. Kira-kira reka ulang 5 hari ke belakang:

Hari 1: bahasa indo yaa bisa lumayan, biologi soal-soalnya kayak dibuat dari buku standar papua (gak pernah nongol) tapi setidaknya pernah denger jadi semoga deh lewat. Siapa peduli gunanya jonjot usus??

Hari 2: uh kelupaan nulis yang ini. Bahasa inggrisnya rasa rasanya soal paling gampang yang pernah gw kerjain selama SMA, mana listening session nya suuuperrr lambat yang membuat gw makin meragukan manfaat listening session selain belajar sabar ngobrol sama orang imbisil. Ada iklan terselubungnya loh (“my kom pyoo tah… is soh nee… va yoo”)

Hari 3: matematika NERAKA!!! Alasan: kode soal berubah (ngerti?) dan menangislah siswa-siswi se Jaksel. Para murid mengerjakan dengan tangan gemetar sambil membayangkan ketidaklulusan semu mereka, banyak yang cuma bisa gak lebih dari 15 soal. Salah satu hari terburuk dalam 3 tahun SMA.

Hari 4: berhubung trauma yang amat sangat dengan matematika jadi belajarlah para murid dengan hipergiat buat menghadapi iblis fisika yang biasanya lebih dewa dari matematik. Tapi ternyata puji syukur soalnya jauh mending dari tryout-tryout madesu yang pernah anak-anak kerjain, kalo dibandingin sama mat macam kalah 10 level gitulah.

Hari 5: alias hari ini, tadi kimia yang sangat ditakuti dengan pasukan sejuta unsurnya juga ternyata malah lebih mending dari fisika. Semacam tinggal masukin ke rumus saja dan tadaa selesailah UAN 2009. Semangat hidup kembali, menyongsong masa depan nan indah (kalo lulus), menanti hidup SAPPK ITB… Ditambah traktiran San2 sama Daler dan kabar baik bahwa Brinji jadian sama Shabr, sepertinya ini hari yang baik buat semua orang.

Yak demikian ulasan kilat UAN 2009 kali ini, semoga semua lulus dan masa depan cerah menanti semua pelajar angkatan ’09. Sekarang main!

April 19, 2009

Ujian Akhir Nasional!

by Kevin Aditya

Besok sudah hari pertama UAN, dan saya masih kurang minat belajar. Biologi dan Bahasa Indonesia.
Besok, para pelajar SMA akan memakai kemampuan otak (dan mata)nya semaksimal mungkin.

Cara pemerintah menentukan akhir hidup SMA kita selama 3 tahun hanya dengan 5 hari ujian pada dasarnya memang sudah tidak adil, jadi kenapa kita harus mengikuti segala aturan mereka?

Semoga otak dan mata tidak mengkhianati kita.

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