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March 18, 2012


by Kevin Aditya

Sudah satu tahun.

Satu tahun sejak saya pertama diajak oleh Qinan, untuk bergabung dalam fungsionaris Liga Film Mahasiswa ITB yang dipimpin oleh Ai, sebuah tim tiga belas orang yang memegang keberlanjutan dan kemajuan LFM menjadi sebuah komunitas yang lebih baik lagi. Saat itu, saya merupakan kru yang polos dan tidak memiliki banyak pikiran (dan kerjaan). Tawaran menjadi manajer Bioskop Kampus tentunya sulit untuk ditolak, dan melalui pertimbangan singkat, bergabunglah saya dengan keduabelas orang lainnya yang tergabung dalam fungsionaris LFM 2011-2012. Tanpa pernah saya sangka, satu tahun kepengurusan ini bisa menjadi begitu berwarna. Tiga belas orang yang bersama melalui berbagai momen penuh keringat, canda tawa, dan air mata. Wisuda, syukuran wisuda, cacamarica. Ganesha Film Festival, pemutaran Bioskop Kampus, Ganesha Exhibition Programme. Berbagai nonton bareng dan Kine Study Societies. Pendidikan, pelantikan, hunting dan workshop. Syuting berbagai macam film pendek dan video lainnya. Tiga belas orang yang, bersama dengan ratusan kru lainnya, memiliki keinginan menjadikan LFM sebagai tempat yang semakin nyaman dan bermanfaat untuk kita semua. Tiga belas orang yang telah menjadi sebuah keluarga.

Apa yang telah saya lakukan selama satu tahun terakhir tidaklah mungkin tercapai tanpa semua ocehan ramai, candaan, dan pelajaran yang saya dapat dari kalian semua. Didi, si mami rempong yang paling bawel urusan duit tapi paling perhatian. Moti, yang kerjaannya paling bagus, cepet beres dan selalu bisa bagi waktu buat semua kesibukannya. Ikhsan, tukang rusak barang yang biarpun muka bengal tapi wawasan luas dan bisa membaur dengan semua. Iti, yang paling kuat, paling oke dan selalu senyum penuh hawa positif seberat apapun tantangan yang ada di depan mata. Nadia, yang selalu galau dan melankolis tapi telaten dalam bekerja. Damas, si gamer yang biang gosip dan paling tau dunia keartisan Indonesia dan Korea. Dixie, yang biarpun sering galau tapi tulisannya bagus dan saya dukung berkarir menulis (believe me!). Qinan, yang biarpun pecicilan dan ngasal tapi sebetulnya selalu merhatiin perasaan orang lain. Ijah, yang sering sakit tapi selalu sabar ngeberesin berantakannya anak-anak. Faisal, si super yang patut dicontoh soal menyelesaikan pekerjaan dengan sempurna, rinci dan menghasilkan (uang). Faba, jomblo inceran yang selalu tabah setahun dipelukin pria-pria ganjen macem Qinan dan Ikhsan. Dan yang terakhir, Ai yang selalu membimbing semuanya, mengingatkan apa yang harus kita kerjakan dan yang tidak, pemimpin yang perhatian terhadap pribadi dan kerjaan dari masing-masing fungsnya.

Kalian semua telah menjadi teladan bagi saya, yang masih terus dalam proses belajar, yang merasa bahagia telah diberi kesempatan untuk dapat bergabung dalam fungsionaris 2011-2012. Semua yang saya dapat selama satu tahun kemarin akan selalu menjadi bekal yang menjadikan saya lebih baik lagi, dalam mengembangkan diri sendiri maupun dalam berhubungan dengan orang lain. Keluarga mafia (mantan fungsionaris) 2011-2012 ini akan terus mendapatkan tempat khusus di hati, baik sekarang maupun setelah lulus nanti.

Kepada teman-teman 2009 dan 2010 saya yang sekarang telah menjadi fungsionaris baru, nikmatilah satu tahun ini yang akan menjadi sangat berarti dalam kehidupan perkuliahan kalian. 🙂

Teruslah menjadi indah, Liga Film Mahasiswa ITB!

May 9, 2011

The first step

by Kevin Aditya

These folks are currently my second nuclear family (a tie-in with the PL ITB 2009 folks), and together we are transcending the whole family of Liga Film Mahasiswa ITB into an ubiquitous comfort zone where anyone gets the full support from everyone to act, create, and appreciate anything they are passionate about. Be it making movies and watching it, photography, event organizing, maybe even music, anything. But all of that will lead nowhere without you, fellow crews.

We are fueled by our passion and so are you. Help us making it a better home for everyone. 🙂

Manager of Bioskop Kampus LFM ITB and the 13 functionaries of Liga Film Mahasiswa ITB 2011-2012, at your service.

November 9, 2010

A celebration of cinema

by Kevin Aditya

Last weekend, 6-7 November, LFM ITB in collaboration with Japan Foundation held a movie screening titled ‘Ganesha Exhibition Programme: 100 Years of Akira Kurosawa’. As the name suggests, the event was held to celebrate the 100th birthday of the legendary Japanese auteur Akira Kurosawa, whose masterpieces have become a strong inspiration to the international cinema and influenced many world-class filmmakers including the likes of Roman Polanski and Francis Ford Coppola, and now he has influenced the youth of Bandung as well through his beautiful works.

It didn’t occur to me how intricately touching Kurosawa’s films are before I was assigned to head the event division for the screening. As the main coordinator taking care of how the event would run down, I feel the urgency to fathom first the life and times of the man himself. Tracking down the infos about the six movies to be screened (in case you’re wondering: Ikiru, Red Beard, Seven Samurai, Dodesukaden, Yojimbo, Stray Dog), what struck me was how high the regards held by the international public of him — not only as a brilliant director, but also as an innovative mind in the film world as a whole, giving the western cinema world something totally new to appreciate. He strived for perfection in his works, making sure everything is well-prepared from scriptwriting to cinematography, resulting in 30 films throughout his career that the world highly appreciate until now, boosting him to fame along with two of his most frequent collaborators, actors Toshiro Mifune and Takashi Shimura.

My personal favorite is Ikiru. At almost two and a half hour, it might exhaust some to watch such a sentimental drama, but I see it as Kurosawa’s best way to express a deeply touching tale of human mortality, accompanied by excellent performance from one of Kurosawa’s regulars, Takashi Shimura. He portrays an award-worthy performance of an aged bureaucrat who found out that he has to find a purpose in his life as soon as possible due to a gastric cancer he only recently discovered, and at the end only from helping others he could finally give his life a meaning.

What exhilarates me more is that on the 2-days run of the screening, the films were played not from Criterion DVDs or torrented AVI files, but from a real, classic 35mm movie projector. The kind that hums and clanks every minute or so, and the film had to be rolled manually by the operator before being inserted. As I sat on the comfy seat of the sophisticated ITB Campus Center auditorium that had been turned into a 100-seat theater by putting on a white screen, it was a certain kind of excitement, a soft satisfactory feeling that overwhelmed me. Sitting in a dark room, projected on screen are black and white movies from the 1950s where everybody I saw acting in it would be now either have died or very old — watching it along with random fellows from everywhere that just happen to also like Kurosawa’s hardly accessible works or just simply trying things out, with the film being projected from a machine in the back of the room, soft clinking sound of operator manually rolling up a reel in the background, the switching between the first projector to the second every time the ‘cigarette burn’ (as Tyler Durden would put it) shows in the film indicating the end of the reel is near, listening to the optical sound of a 35mm film print, and holding a discussion session with people that share the passion and possibly memories of watching Kurosawa’s films…

I think I’ve found one of my little joys of life.

And now I’m drooling over this AK 100 Criterion boxset.

December 24, 2009

Making movies is exhaustively fun!

by Kevin Aditya

Hey fellows, been exactly a month since the last playlist post. This December I’ve been totally, extremely busy with all the exams especially calculus which I’ve studied like hell but still found it too hard to handle, but my physics and chemistry are saved for this semester with scores on the verge of despair. That’s one gloom for this month, but the light of December is that I’ve worked hard to shoot my film all this week! So in ITB I joined LFM (Liga Film Mahasiswa), the student unit where you learn how to make films or take photos whatsoever, and before I could become a real member I got to do the final assignment of making a real movie, 15 to 30 minutes in length with a production house consisted of random people from the soon-to-be-videographers.

left-right, up-down: Ulul, Guidho, Ryan, Radit. Rachma, Novi, Adis, Juju, Kevin. Eka

Introducing Miripmirip Films, my production house! With Guidho as director, Adis as scriptwriter and ass. director, Juju (my highschool mate) as production manager, Novi as art director, Rachma as art director 2, Ryan as editor, Eka as director of photography, and me as cameraman/DOP 2, we are making a movie with the plot that revolves around a highschooler Jonas (played by Ulul, he’s a talented one) who always envies his perfect older brother Joe (played by Radit, pretty much charismatic guy) and attempts many silly little things in hopes of one-upping Radit, with little success. (The movie is not titled yet, hehe.) We had around six days of shooting, which were superbly tiring but also superbly fun! Creating story ideas, writing script, drawing storyboards, completing breakdown scripts, shooting scenes, we all did them together. It was a very tiring process, and now I got this running nose all day due to flu from exhaustion. Now that today finally all the scenes have been shot, it’s up to Ryan and Guidho to complete the editing process… so goodluck guys! I’ll help on creating posters and packaging. When the movie is finalized I’ll post it on youtube or something so you readers can watch it. Wish us luck, and here’s a look at the stills of a movie in the making. As the LFM videography tagline goes, making movies is fun!

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