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January 20, 2011

Annual #1

by Kevin Aditya

This one is a draft I’ve forgotten for the past few weeks, so I’ll just post it now. Some of my favorite tracks from the past year. It’s weird that I got sick around the exact same time as I had last year, only fortunately not as severe. This time I only got some flu fever, but certainly I need time to recover, so there’s not much to do but watching decent movies and making playlists. Now that I’ve recovered, life goes on and responsibilities began to pile up… but I believe great responsibilities build great power (and Peter Parker vice versa), so let’s tackle ’em all.



Lover of Mine // Beach House
High and Low // Sambassadeur
Boy Lilikoi // Jónsi
Thieves // She & Him
Regentropfen // Zazie Von Einem Anderen Stern
When We First Met // Hellogoodbye
Paradise Circus (feat. Hope Sandoval) // Massive Attack
My Time // Minus the Bear
Hægt, Kemur Ljósið // Ólafur Arnalds
I Just Sighed. I Just Sighed, Just So You Know // Los Campesinos!
Silver Jenny Dollar // The New Pornographers
Coffee and Cigarettes // Jimmy Eat World
Counterpoint // Delphic
Art House Director // Broken Social Scene
Find My Way Back // Four Year Strong

Enjoy here.

May 31, 2009

Treasure of the week: Lovedrug

by Kevin Aditya

Actually the Lovedrug album I listened last week, The Sucker Punch Show, was on par with Sweat It Out but I was on the mood for pop punk and after a few more listen, the Lovedrug album really enchants me more. Their debut and second album, Pretend You’re Alive and Everything Starts Where It Ends, respectively, also has surprisingly caught my ears like no other. This mix of various genres could best be described as “indie rock” (well okay it’s more like emo) but the real power of the band lies in Michael Shepard’s shrieking, wailing tenor vocal. The way he wails in some song like “Spiders” reminded me of that guy from Radiohead, eugh. Like how good bands get all their loyal fans, firstly you’ll get hooked by their catchy riffs on some songs, then once you dig deeper, what you got is a whole booklet of poetic lyrics full of metaphors. “Watch angels in the morning become a devil’s afternoon, I will panic in the evening underneath the crashing moon.” Really, who wouldn’t buy that? The three albums are progressing musically, as the 2004 Pretend You’re Alive is more mellow and piano-oriented, 2007’s Everything Starts Where It Ends is still piano-driven on some songs but rocks more on the better songs, and with the 2008 album The Sucker Punch Show they put in more indie rock with a slight taste of grunge. It’s worth a try. If you’re interested try a Google Blog Search like this.

genre: emo pop, indie rock, whatever

sounds like: hmm… Abandoned Pools, or maybe As Tall As Lions.

loved tracks: Pretend You’re Alive, Blackout, Castling, Let It All Out

From The Sucker Punch Show: “Everyone Needs a Halo”

Give these guys a few listens. Hopefully it’s a pleasant treat for your ears.


May 23, 2009

Treasure of the week: The Pink Spiders – Sweat It Out

by Kevin Aditya

Throughout this week I’ve been plugging my ears into lots of artists, because what’s a holiday without good tunes for your playing-out days? I downloaded albums randomly, some are good, some are just plain indifferent. But one album that really struck my senses is The Pink Spiders’ Sweat It Out, and I mean they’re really really sugary good! Although I’ve never heard of them earlier (such regret) but this 2008 album is the best one I ever listened since… well,  I regret not hearing Brand New’s The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me earlier too. The internet says Sweat It Out is not the band’s biggest album, but oh what a sweet blend of pop punk-garage-rock n’ roll this band has caught me! One thing I noticed first is that this band has dominant bass lines throughout the album, and that’s a good thing. Good bands (or at least the ones I like) should have the bassist making up a good foundation for their songs. “Busy Signals” makes a good opening track with garage feel, while “Seventeen Candles” reminds me of Panic at the Disco with catchy pop-punk riffs and piano playing — which is very good. I’d be too lazy to describe one-by-one, but I highly recommend this album. Fits up my holiday mood perfectly. If you’re interested do a Google Blog Search.

genre: glam punk/powerpop

sounds like: older Panic at the Disco, Wakefield, Hot Hot Heat

loved tracks: Seventeen Candles, Truth or Dare


edit: I’ve finally listened to Teenage Graffiti and it’s basically less pop/more punk, still great stuff!

and also if you’d like to know out of how many albums I picked this one as my favorite, these are the albums I’ve listened for the week:

May 12, 2009

Treasure of the week 2009.05.12

by Kevin Aditya

My mind’s been wandering off lately once I got in front of this computer so I forgot to write last week’s treasure of the week. Well, I’ll just give ya two today, one album and one… movie! But I don’t usually download movies, so no links this time guys, haha. Just get your hands on one outside, it’s only around Rp. 6000. And about the album, have you ever got the chance to listen to An Albatross’s The Family Album? These noise-rock heroes sure give you an adrenaline pump with every listen of this 2008 album. Well honestly I still can’t define “noise rock” as this term seems to cover an overly wide range of music, but Wikipedia and says so, whatever then. The tracks are highly energetic, they sound almost like a wall of distorted guitar banging on your ears yet in the same time still give you some memorable synth notes. Some said that their greatest came in the We Are The Lazer Viking album, but I’ll dig that one later. Guaranteed to crush your ears down! If you’re interested, do some Google Blog Search.

genre: noise rock/grindcore

sounds like: The Locust, only not as chaotic

loved track: The Hymn of the Angel People

Oh and yeah, a good movie to watch. I just watched Changeling on DVD a few days back and it truly left a good taste. This Clint Eastwood work of art features the 1928 Los Angeles with Angelina Jolie as a single mother named Christine Collins, whose only son Walter Collins one day mysteriously disappeared when she came back from work. Her effort to track Walter down seemed to be fruitless as the corrupt LAPD, and its Juvenile Division led by Captain Jones, hardly gave any progress in the search. But after four tiring months, LAPD declared to had found Walter Collins and, under the blinding blitz of excited journalists, reunited the mother and son in a seemingly happy ending moment. Christine however, couldn’t believe what she had seen: the Walter Collins in her face is not her son. Who is this kid? And where had the real Walter actually been?

Now wait, keep in mind that this is NOT a fantasy movie. No tiny leprechauns actually hiding Walter, the truth won’t come that easy. There, I know you hate spoilers as much as I do so I won’t spill anything more than that. You’d have to watch it yourself to grasp the true love and determination a mother has when it comes to her children. The 1930s setting is beautiful and haunting, the cinematography often portrayed scenes in dark or poorly-lit rooms to enhance the depressing aura. Jolie was a good cast as she perfectly brought down the depressed and worrying thoughts of a mother losing her son. It’s frightening yet touching at times to see how cruel human beings can be. This 141 minutes of drama might tire your eyes at a slow pace, but in the end it’s your emotions that will be drained down.

genre: drama

directed by: Clint Eastwood

starring: Angelina Jolie, John Malkovich

running time: 141 minutes

April 29, 2009

Treasure of the week 2009.04.29

by Kevin Aditya

This week’s been filled with a happier atmosphere because (almost) all the tests have been done so now there’s nothing more for me to study for, and maybe also because I’ve been listening to Lenka’s 2008 self-titled début all along. Filled with a wide range of instruments, the Australian singer brought us a good number of indie-ish pop songs with a dip of childlike atmosphere that will make your dullest day shines up a little. A good point is that her songs are layered with an orchestra of widely varied world instruments, making her music rich with eclectic folksy sounds and beats. Maybe you’ve heard her popular single “The Show” somewhere, but go listen to it yourself. If you’re interested, do some Google Blog Search.

genre: Pop/Un-folk (well, Wikipedia says it’s a genre)

sounds like: Regina Spektor, The Dresden Dolls

loved tracks: Don’t Let Me Fall, Anything I’m Not

p.s. click on the image dude

April 24, 2009

Treasure of the week 2009.04.24

by Kevin Aditya

Finally I’ve got some free time after the toughest exam and throughout this week I’ve got this lovely album to accompany my studying-hard times. Sleepwalk, a Robot’s Love in the Time of Global Warming brings upon some lovable powerpop tunes with a sleek combination of lighthearted acoustic guitar and fancy synth. Not a really amazing album, but good to listen to when your head is full of chemistry formulas. Watch out, the songs’ infectious choruses might get stuck in your head for days! If you’re interested, do some Google Blog Search.

genre: Powerpop/Electropop

sounds like: hellogoodbye, and some more I couldn’t think of

loved tracks: Good for You, Rx

p.s. click on the image dude

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